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EMID Global is a global Business Management and Technology solutions provider, focused on helping small to medium enterprises setup, launch and accelerate their business development objectives. As a strategy and consulting partner, we offer unique services which include understanding your existing setup and ideating a 360-degree technology refresh to bring innovation. We also conduct audits for application portfolios and suggest what can be done to open new opportunities. Further, we enable organizations embrace advanced systems and applications to build a digital future.

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To ensure that our customers achieve their goals and optimize their business processes, we utilize our robust technology reseller program, to design, develop or package reliable custom software solutions. We also assist with providing emerging markets intelligence and advisory for companies seeking to establish and operate in emerging markets.
Whatever the size of your enterprise, we are your enterprise digital transformation partner; providing e-commerce, mobility, digital and BPO services that accelerate your digital transformation; enhancing your operational efficiencies and customer experiences.


Talent, Enthusiasm, Diligence, Care and Openness - These are the qualities that EMID Global extends to its customers.
Our Executive team has over 50 years combined industry experience.
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